Editorial Policies

We put a lot of emphasis on publishing original research articles which will help in advancement of knowledge  and discourages the publication of articles that merely represent pre-established and repetitive facts.

        We currently publish articles from various parts of the developing world. But we would like to publish articles from all over the world. To achieve this objective, we continuously improvise on both scientific and technical aspects of publishing.

        We aim to publish articles based on research rather than credentials of authors. We also emphasise more on the statistical analysis part of the publication.

We also guide first time authors to prepare their papers. We spend valuable time and resources towards achieving this.

        There is no charge whatsoever for submission of articles. Publication charges are payable in the final stage of publication of the article.

       Our editorial board members monitor the quality of the journals and provide valuable advice.

Under no circumstances / incentive will we publish an article without merit and peer review.